Dmitry Zolotarev
Dmitry graduated from Volgograd State University in 2002 with MSc in Ecology. In 2005, he earned a PhD degree in Environmental Economics. and started to work for Volgograd State University as a teacher and a researcher in Environmental Economics, Hydrology and Geographic Information Systems. In 2011, he received funding from Erasmus Mundus Partnership EU-Russia Iamonet-RU program for research, topic: «Multi-functional nature of environmental components and their role in nature and social life» in Wageningen University, the Netherlands. In 2014,

Dmitry Zolotarev received funding from the Fulbright exchange program for research into the anthropogenic drivers of potential catastrophic shifts in ecosystems and the maximization of the social welfare function in Rhode Island University, Kingston, Rhode Island, USA.

Since 2015, Dmitry has worked in the domain of scientometrics and public administration of scientific research work.
Currently, Dr. Zolotarev is working at Moscow State Linguistic University.