Yury A. Pirogov
Yury is a physicist with extensive research experience in the field of Quantum Radiophysics, which underlies the operation of MRI scanners and NMR spectrometers. Yury obtained his undergraduate degree from the Physics Department of Moscow State University specilalizing in Physical Electronics and Radiophysicsin 1961, where he continued his research training with a PhD award in Physical Electronics in 1966, with further progress to successful award of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics degree in Quantum Radiophysicsin 1991.

Yury was appointed Professor of Radiophysics in 1993. Yury was promoted to the Pro-Dean for Science in the Physics Department of Moscow State University and held this post in 1994-1998. At the end of the term, Yury was instrumental in establishing new Research Center for Magnetic Tomography and Spectroscopy of MSU and was leading the Center in 1998-2010. Currently, Yury is a Professor of Physics at the Physics Department of Moscow State University and is the Head of MRI research laboratory.

Under his leadership, research direction of the MRI laboratory comprises local NMR spectroscopy, non-invasive in vivo measurement of the molecular structure of tissues and pharmaceuticals introduced into the body, new methods for detecting weak neoplasms in humans and animals are being developed, multinuclear MRI studies using deuterium, fluorine, sodium, carbon, phosphorus, silicon and other elements crucial for biomedicine. He co-authored over 400 scientific papers, 10 monographs, 16 patents. He is a member of the editorial boards of 6 scientific journals and is an expert reviewer for the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education and Science. During his successful career, he mentored 27 PhD and 5 doctors of science candidates.