Vladimir Ivanov
Dr. Vladimir Ivanov is a Leading research scientist in the geography department of the Lomonosov Moscow state university. During his scientific career he worked in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia), University of Plymouth (Plymouth, UK), International Arctic Research Centre, University of Alaska (Fairbanks, USA) and Scottish Marine Institute (Oban, UK). He is well known in the Arctic scientific community.

He has a strong background in organization and leadership of multidisciplinary investigations in the Arctic Ocean, including complex marine expeditions in the Laptev Sea and adjoining area of the deep Arctic Basin. Ivanov's main scientific expertise includes physical oceanography of the Arctic Ocean, which covers water mass formation, ocean-air interaction, oceanic currents, convection and ocean-ice interaction.

He authored and co-authored a total of 77 peer-reviewed journal articles (WoS h-index: 23). Recent studies include investigations of feedback loops in the "ocean-ice-atmosphere" system, and dense water cascading from Arctic shelves.