Vera Zabotkina

Prof., Dr. Vera Zabotkina has expertise in EU project management (Erasmus+, EMA2, Tempus), Council of Europe and UNICEF projects etc. She is Bologna promoter and has experience in developing the university strategy of international cooperation with focus on compatibility of degrees, and curricula development for 2 cycles based on the needs of the labour market. She has also expertise in setting up quality assurance system within dual degree programme within Joint European Tempus Project "Enhancement of Russian creative education: new Master program in Digital Arts in line with EU standards". She is also an Expert of the National Training Foundation, and a certified Higher Education Reform Expert (HERE). Prof. Zabotkina is the Editor in Chief and one of the authors of the Quality Handbook for Double/Joint degree MA programmes, elaborated within Digital Arts Tempus project. She was coordinating a group of six universities (subject area group – modern languages, translation) within the Tempus project "Tuning Russia" and has authored more than 200 publications including 5 monographs and articles on cognitive linguistics and international projects, among them a publication in Tuning journal for high education "Competence-based approach to a module design for the Master Degree Programme in Translation: Challenge of Tuning Russia Tempus Project". She is a member of the editorial board of "International Tuning Journal" (Scopus), concentrating on the competence-based approach to the design of new programmes. She was a Russian coordinator within LLL project CREAN (Children`s Rights Erasmus Academic Network).