Valentina Gorbatenko
PhD, Head of Meteorology and Climatology department, Tomsk State University
Has a diploma from TSU specializing in meteorological engineer.
1979 - 1983 –– Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics at TSU.
1983 - 2011 –– scientific work in TPU.
2004 - 2011 –– Professor, Department of Meteorology, TSU.
2011 - present –– Head of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology of TSU.
The results of scientific research were used in the development of regulatory documents for the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the RF and were put into practice to optimize lightning protection measures for energy systems of the RF and Kazakhstan. V.P. Gorbatenko - the author of more than 200 scientific publications.
The research work carried out on the basis of the programs of the Ministry of Education of the RF, grants of the RFPF, DAAD (Germany), contracts with power systems.