Roxane Andersen
Senior Research Fellow, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom

Has been involved in peatland research for more than15 years, first in Canada, then in Scotland for the last 11 years.

As well as her own research, she coordinates the Flow Country Research Hub, a network of more than 60 researchers working in the Flow Country peatlands and she is an active member of the International Peatland Society (IPS), the International Mire and Conservation Group (IMCG) and the British Ecological Society (BES).

The research focuses on evaluating above- and belowground communities and biogeochemical processes in disturbed, natural and restored systems, with a focus on northern peatlands. Most of projects are multi-disciplinary in nature, and involve industrial or multi-stakeholder partnerships. Current and recently completed projects include:

– A new understanding of blanket bog resilience: from molecules to landscapes. (Leverhulme Leadership Award, 2020-2025)
– Developing a statistical methodology for the assessment and management of peatlands (2020-2022). NERC Landscape Decision Programme
– How does land management influence fire resilience in blanket bogs? (2019-2020) NERC Urgency Grant
– InSAR as a tool to evaluate peatland sensitivity to global change (2017-2020) NERC Soil Security Programme (
– Quantifying carbon accumulation and loss in afforested peatlands (2016-2020). Leverhulme Large Grant
A key element of the research portfolio for 2020-2025 will be the delivery of a "Leverhulme Leadership Award" programme of research on peatland resilience.