Professor Robin Mason
Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (International), University of Birmingham.

Professor Robin Mason joined the University of Birmingham in March 2016, as Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (International). A member of the University's executive, he has responsibility for all aspects of the University's global engagement. He moved to Birmingham after seven years at the University of Exeter, where he was first Professor of Economics, then appointed Dean of the University's Business School in 2011, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean in 2015. He had previously been the Eric Roll Professor of Economics and Head of Economics at the University of Southampton. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in Natural Sciences; he returned to Cambridge to complete his PhD in Economics.

His academic research concentrates on how firms respond strategically to uncertainty; and, more broadly, the incentives faced by economic agents in situations when they have imperfect information about their environment. (Formally, his area is game theory with incomplete information and learning.) He is a decision-making Member of the Competition Appeal Tribunal and the Financial Conduct Authority. He has acted as advisor to a number of regulators, in both the UK and internationally; to the Prime Minister of Mauritius on competition policy; and to a number of private-sector companies worldwide