Nikita Sushentsev
MD, PhD Student and Gates Cambridge Scholar, Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge.

Nikita received his Medical Doctor's degree from Sechenov University in Moscow, Russia. Having come to the Department of Radiology at Cambridge as the first medically qualified Gates Scholar from Russia, Nikita is currently supervised by Dr Tristan Barrett and Professor Ferdia Gallagher. Nikita's work is centred on facilitating clinical translation of novel metabolic and quantitative imaging techniques in patients with prostate cancer, focusing on hyperpolarised 13C-pyruvate imaging, magnetic resonance fingerprinting, and radiomics. In addition to his research activities, since 2018 Nikita has been the driving force behind the establishment and coordination of an unprecedented UK-Russia medical exchange scheme, through which more than 80 clinical and research exchange visits between 14 leading medical schools of the two countries have been arranged to date.