Mary Edwards
Professor of Physical Geography, University of Southampton
An ecologist and biogeographer who focuses on northern landscape dynamics and vegetation. I use palaeoecological techniques to understand long-term change, and I also collaborate with remote sensing and modelling. Most recently, I have been working on fire, permafrost, and thaw lakes, and on understanding the floristic response to environmental change using ancient DNA. I work in Alaska, Canada and Russia. Since 2018, I have been co-leader of the UK-Russian research group DIMA, which aims to promote and carry out environmental change research across Siberia and the Russian Far East, an important but under-studied region. Currently DIMA has members from 15 Russian institutions and 12 UK institutions. It has a focus on equal cooperation and promotion of early-career researchers. The establishment of DIMA has in large part been possible because of the support of the UK-FCO in Moscow, the British Council and the NERC Arctic Office.