Maria Baktysheva
Deputy Head of International relations department, Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).

Maria Baktysheva joined Russian Foundation for Basic Research in 2007. Currently she is International Relations Department Deputy Head. Her responsibilities cover coordination of bilateral cooperation with international partners, managing joint calls and workshops, department budget and funding. She interacts with national and international science funding and public organizations. She coordinates RFBR Expert Council on International Calls activities.

Maria has been involved in the organization of numerous conferences, workshops and other events such as Global Research Council Annual meeting in 2018. Among her important projects there is preparation of joint initiatives with the US National Institutes of Health in the field of HIV/AIDS and cancer. Recently she has been responsible for coordinating joint Russian-British projects and organizing joint events in both Russia and UK. Prior to RFBR she worked in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the MFA of Russia.

Her internships include Council Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Committee for Foreign Affairs, State Duma; Foreign-policy department, Institute for US and Canadian studies RAS. Maria's academic background includes international relations and security studies. She graduated from the State University of Humanitarian Sciences World Politics faculty (at the Institute for US and Canadian studies RAS) with a specialist diploma in International Relations (Russian equivalent of MSc).