Jian Gan
Dr Jian Gan is a cellular/systems neuroscientist. After obtaining his Master and PhD from the University of Glasgow, he went on to work in the lab of Prof. Peter Jonas at the University of Freiburg, Germany, and later Institute of Science and Technology Austria near Vienna, where he employed and optimised in vivo high-resolution patch-clamp recording technique to elucidate synaptic mechanism of hippocampal oscillations that are essential for spatial coding and memory consolidation.

After gaining further experience in cognitive and behavioural neurobiology at University College London and the Medical University of Vienna, he established his lab in the UK DRI at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Gan aims to understand how neural circuits communicate to implement cognition in real-time at the level of synaptic transmission and population dynamics in a living brain, and how these functions go wrong in disease conditions such as dementia.