Jennifer Littlechild
Prof. Littlechild is a biochemist/structural biologist with interests in the structure and mechanism of a range of microbial and human enzymes. Jennifer has a special interest in industrial biotechnology and biocatalysis.
Current research studies involve the structural and mechanistic characterisation of the C-C bond forming enzymes transketolase and aldolase, carbonic anhydrases, vanadium haloperoxidases, Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases, aminoacylases, novel esterases and lipases, expoxide hydrolases, gamma lactamases, alcohol dehydrogenases, dehalogenases, transaminases,cellulases and other enzymes from thermophilic bacteria and archaea.
Many of these enzymes are used in combination with conventional chemical synthesis for the production of new high value optically pure drugs of interest to pharmaceutical companies. Other enzymes have applications within the healthcare industries and in different areas of industrial biotechnology.