Ivan Zasoursky
Russian journalist, philologist, professor, producer, new media manager, talk show host and researcher, canditate of sciences (~ Ph.D.). Founder and President of Webpublishers Association (webpublishers.ru). Co-producer of films "GenerationП", producer of "EmpireV". Author of books "Mass Media of the Second Republic" (1999, MSU), "ReConstructing Russia" (2001, MSU) и "Media and Power in Russia in the nineties" (2004, Routledge).

Chair of the New Media and Communications Theory in the School of Journalism at the Moscow State University, founder and publisher of Chastny Korrespondent, an online newspaper, knowledge banks Vernsky.ru, "Nauchny Korrespondent" and Climatescience.ru, Noosphere.ru registry and reserve system of the banks of knowledge.

A member of the Russian Human rights council since 2012. Producer of the Ecology and climate commission report on climate "The Green Turn" (2020).