Georgy Safonov
Associate Professor, Department of World Economy, Director of Center for Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics
A leading Russian expert and coordinator of international and national research projects and programmes on environmental and climate change economics since 1995. A member of the national delegations and observer NGOs at the UNFCCC Conferences and Meetings of the Parties since 1999.
A member of the expert groups on implementation of climate and environmental policy under the Russian Ministries of Economic Development, Energy, Natural Resources and Ecology, Russian Forestry Agency, as well as the expert groups of several subnational governments in Russia. A key expert of the Green Economy Transition Council under the President of Kazakhstan since 2014.
A lead expert for the programs and projects of international organizations (GEF, UNECE, WWF, UNDP, OSCE, World Bank, FAO, UNFCCC), the coordinator of the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project in Russia, a member of the Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium (IAMC), participant of the ETSAP program of International Energy Agency, Climate Action Network of NGOs, an expert of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union. A member and expert of the business associations: Business Russia, Russian Chamber of Commerce, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. A member of the International Ecological Economics Society (ISEE), Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE), UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
Author of the educational courses and programs on Economics of Green Innovations, Global Energy Transition and Green Strategies for Business, Environmental Economics, Economics of Climate Change, Health Risk Assessment and Management, etc. Author and co-author of over 80 scientific publications on the issues of environmental and natural resource economics, climate change policy, international carbon markets, low carbon development and deep decarbonisation issues, etc.