The UK-Russia University Alliance programme is managed by the Department of Education and Culture of the British Embassy in Russia.
Project Objectives

University Alliance is a project to engage Russia's top 50 universities and connect 95 of the next generation of Russia's science leaders with the UK by expanding partnership and professional development opportunities (to provide a platform for longer term ambitions of engaging universities and researchers).
Online forums will be held in 2020/2021.

Upcoming Forums
19 October 2021

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Practical innovative solutions to researcher mobility in the times of COVID-19: case studies
Online formats: effective use of existing virtual researcher mobility success stories to support bilateral partnerships
Future plans: formats of researcher mobility beneficial for strengthening bilateral scientific collaborations and ways to enable them
27 October 2021

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The worldwide food crisis has attracted the international community's attention to global issues of food insecurity and inadequacies of the international system of response. Frequent threats of weather extremes result in crop and livestock losses, homes' destruction, and people's displacement. Besides, genetic modification (GM) of crops demands particular attention.
09 November 2021

Positive change drivers for the climate change challenge: university research, public awareness raising, and citizen science
30 November 2021
Case studies of collaborative research, training and education to address global public health challenges Benefits of joint response to global health challenges Future opportunities for closer cooperation in research, training and education to tackle global public health challenges
14 December 2021
Case studies of recent collaborative work, including those delivered despite the constraints of the pandemic Potential areas and themes for future UK-Russia collaboration in the development of training and educational opportunities
Potential tools and mechanisms to help share and implement best practices in Arctic training and education across the network;
Previous Events
28 January 2021
Funding Mechanisms

Co-organiser: International Centre for Innovationsin Science (ICISTE)
4 February 2021
Climate Change

Co-organisers: Climate Section and Science and Innovation Section of the
British Embassy in Moscow

11 February 2021
18 February 2021
TNE and Joint/Dual Degrees

Organiser: NUST MISIS
4 March 2021
Bilateral medical

Co-organiser: Sechenov University
16 March 2021
24-25 March 2021
Organisers and Partners