Daria Gordeeva
In 2020 I graduated from the Institute of Pharmacy of the Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) with a red diploma and I have become a PhD student of KSMU. I have started to do science since 2017. As a student I worked in the field of gastroretentive bioadhesive drug delivery systems using interpolyelectrolyte complexes (IPECs). Now my work is related to the development of micro- and nanoparticle systems for intranasal drug delivery to the brain. I have taken part in Russian conferences many times. I am a gold medalist of the Russian Olympiad "I am a professional" in the direction of "Pharmacy" in 2020. I am a scholarship holder of the increased state academic scholarship, scholarship named after L.A. Potselueva, scholarship of the mayor of Kazan, scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2021 I was on a 3-month scientific internship at the University of Reading (Reading, UK), sponsored by a grant of the Republic of Tatarstan "Algarysh". In December of 2021 I took part in the UK-Russia Conference "Advanced biomaterials to combat cancer", organized by Lancaster University (Lancaster, UK) and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow, Russia) and funded by The British Council.