Bob Doherty
Professor of Marketing and Chair in Agrifood, The York Management School, University of York.

Bob Doherty is Professor of Marketing and Chair of Agrifood at the University of York and leads two large research programmes worth £9.4 million. First, a 5-year interdisciplinary research programme on food resilience titled 'IKnowFood' (Global Food Security fund) funded in 2017. Second, a new 5-year programme called 'Transformations to Regenerative Food Systems' from the UK Strategic Priorities Fund for £6m, which will run from 2021-2026.

Bob is also the research theme leader for food in the York Environmental Sustainability Research Institute (YESI) and the first Director of the N8 Food Systems Policy Hub. In addition, he was seconded in April 2019 into the UK Government Department, DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) as a policy fellow to work on Food Systems policy development. Bob is also a member of the UKRI joint programme board for Transforming Food Production and Food Systems in the BBSRC. Bob specializes in research on pro-social market mechanisms including hybrid organizations and certification bodies. He is currently a trustee on the board of the Fairtrade Foundation and member of both the Grow Yorkshire Board and Fera science committee.

Founding Editor Emeritus of the Social Enterprise Journal- after 10-years as Editor in Chief of the Social Enterprise Journal published by Emerald publishers. Prior to moving into academia Bob spent 5-years as the Head of Sales and Marketing at the Fairtrade social enterprise pioneer Divine Chocolate Ltd.