Aysylu Gamirova
"Food proteins in human breast milk and probability of IgE-mediated allergic reaction in a breastfed child: a systematic review"

5th-year student at the International School "Medicine of the Future" of Sechenov University. In 2018-2019 she was a member of the UK-Russia Young Medics Association; contributed to the organization of the 1-st UK-Russia Young Medics Conference and Sir James Wylie Fellowship.

In 2019 she was granted a research fellowship in Imperial College London under the supervision of Dr. Robert Boyle. The subject of research was to assess the probability that breastmilk might trigger allergic reactions to components of the maternal diet in infants with IgE-mediated food allergy.

In 2020 she coordinated several projects on the COVID-19 pandemic: "StopCOVID Core Outcomes" and "StopCOVID Long-term Outcomes". Today she is coordinating the project "StopCOVID Children" which assesses core and long-term outcomes in infants.