Alla Salmina
Collaborative Professor of Kanazawa University (Japan) since 2015, Liaison Professor of Niigata University (Japan) since 2017.

Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State Medical University in 1992. Completed Research Training on Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics at Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medicine (Japan, 1993-1994), Research Training on Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Torino University (Italy, 2000-2001).

Area of expertise: Neurobiology, Neurochemistry, Biophysics, Pathophysiology, Molecular & Translational Medicine. Research interests are focused on brain plasticity, molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neurodevelopmental disorders, regulation of neurogenesis and cerebral angiogenesis, blood-brain barrier and neurogenic niche in vitro modeling. Author of more than 400 papers published in Russian and international journals.

Founder and leader of the Leading Scientific School of the Russian Federation in the area of Medicine supported within the President's Program (2014-2021). Awarder of the Award and Gold Medal on Physiology for Young Scientists given by the Russian Academy of Sciences (1999), the Russian Federation State Government Award for Achievements in Science and Technology for young scientists (2011), the Scopus Award Russia (2016).