Alexey Paevsky
Born in 1975 in Odessa, he has been working in science journalism since 2005. Author of more than 5,000 articles and notes on science. Editor-in-Chief of portals Neuronovosti.Ru, "Russian antiquities,""Mendeleev.Info," author of a series of biographies of Nobel laureates (1901-1975, ongoing), co-author of six popular science books.

Being part of scientific teams was four times winner of the award "For Loyalty to Science." Member of the Board of the Russian Chemical Society. Deputy Head of the NTI Competence Center "New and Mobile Sources of Energy" at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences,Chernogolovka.

Gender in science is a popular topic and has been discussed many times. The author of the report will try to trace how women were treated in the Nobel Committee through the prism of awarding prizes (which was done often) and nominating (which was almost never done)

Gender in Science Through Prism of the Nobel Prizes.