Alexey Ekaykin
Alexey Ekaykin received PhD degree of Saint Petersburg State University and de l' Université Joseph Fourier. For more than 20 years Alexey conducts research in the fields of Glaciology, Paleogeography, Isotope Geochemistry, takes part in field works in central Antarctica, the Arctic and mountain glaciers.

Since 2007, Alexey has been actively engaged in the popularization of science in the form of popular scientific publications (on the website "N+1", in the newspaper "Trinity Variant - Science", in the journal "Russian Polar Research", social networks of AANIA, etc.) and lectures for a wide audience (at the Strelka Institute, in the Recreation Center of Lev Lurie, as part of the Geek Picnic festival, as part of the program "Extracurricular Reading" on channel "78", etc.).

Since 2020: A Vice-President of Russian Glaciological Association.