Alexandrа Borisova-Sale

Dr. Alexandra O. Borissova is an award-winning science journalist and communicator. She has a natural sciences background, having started her career as a crystallographer (Diploma from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2008 and PhD degree from Nesmeyanov Institute of RAS, 2012). Since 2008, she works in mass media as a science reporter, editor, and columnist of various news outlets (Forbes, RBC, TASS, Gazeta.Ru, VTimes, Wired Italia, and some others). Her articles and columns as a science journalist feature science policy, particle physics/research at the LHC, microelectronics, life sciences, science and society. She has worked as a staff reporter of Gazeta.Ru (2008-2009 - news department, 2009-2012 - science department), and in 2012-2013 she was heading the breaking news department. In 2014 she became the founder and the first head of the Communication office at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, one of the leading Russian technical universities. In 2015-2016 she headed the science desk of TASS Russian News Agency and founded the stand-alone popular science project "Cherdak".

Since 2016 science communication is the main focus of her activity. In 2016 together with colleagues from St. Petersburg ITMO University, she has created the first Russian-speaking MOOC in scicomm (active now, more than a thousand alumni graduated). She has been involved in the founding of the first Russian Master's degree in scicomm in the same university that she currently leads in an academic supervisor's role. She is a co-founder of the Russian Association of Science Communication (AKSON, - the first professional SciComm association in Russia (2016) and "Open Science" - a Russian-speaking press release distribution system for science news (Gold Quill award-2015, digital communication channels). For two years, she led AKSON as a president (2018-2020), launching a national science journalists award, Russian Science Journalist of the Year, and supervising the key activities of the association, such as the annual Russian Science Communication Forum and Communication Lab award for the excellence in institutional science communication. As a part of the AKSON team, she won the support of the Russian Civil Society Support Foundation to start a national citizen science platform, "People of science" (

Winning the prestigious German Chancellor Fellowship (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) in 2016-2017, she worked as a visiting researcher at the Rhine-Waal University (Germany). Her research project was focused on SciComm in Russia in an international context. She taught science communication to researchers and students at the Rhine-Waal University, TU Delft, Max-Planck Institute for Demographical research, ITMO University. In 2019 she was a co-director of the workshop "Communication of vaccination" organised by the World Federation of Science Journalists for EU science and medical journalists. In 2020 she took the role of an executive director of the European Conference of Science Journalism (Trieste, 1-2 September 2020).

As an independent consultant in science communication, she worked with the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Russian Venture Company, International Congress of Mathematicians.

Dr. Borissova speaks Russian, English, Italian, and German.